Which Rooms In Your Home Require Blinds And Curtains?

Be it traditionally hung high and wide to achieve a classy look, or neatly draped to exude cosiness, curtains and blinds are considered to be a home staple that serves to decorate the room, block light, and maintain privacy.

Despite the apparent benefits that curtains and blinds can bring, not all rooms are suited to have them. For example, kitchens are not the ideal place to hang curtains or blinds, due to smoke and oil getting into the fabrics and ruining them. Additionally, curtains in the kitchen can obstruct the flow of air, making the room hot and humid with the amount of heat and steam around. Indeed, deciding which rooms in your home require curtains and blinds is something that should not be taken lightly.

But if all that sounds a little too overwhelming for you, fret not! We have compiled a list of the rooms in your home where you should install blinds and curtains to make this decision much easier. Interested to learn more? Keep on reading!


Given that bedrooms in HDB flats and condominiums are typically exposed to the scorching sun and communal corridors, it can be beneficial to your well-being to install blinds or curtains in order to keep the sun out and maintain your privacy.

Windows that allow the sunlight into your bedroom can affect your ability to sleep in on a well-deserved weekend or make an already warm room feel even warmer. Additionally, for bedrooms with windows facing corridors, your privacy may be compromised by nosy neighbours peeking in.

In such cases, a blackout curtain in Singapore would be ideal to keep the sunlight and prying eyes away. The results? Better sleep, more privacy, and improved well-being in general!

Study rooms

The study room is meant to be a place conducive for work and academics. It should be cosy, comfortable, and suitable for staying busy in for hours at a time. The right curtains or blinds can allow for such an arrangement while providing some extra benefits.

With noise level being a key factor in affecting one’s focus and concentration, soundproof curtains can serve to dampen noise from outside the home, allowing the study room to remain a quiet room that is conducive to study and work.

Blinds can also protect your privacy in study rooms facing the corridors. Both curtains and blinds also block out unwanted sunlight, reducing the amount of screen glare and allowing you to operate your smart devices at a lower brightness, reducing eye fatigue.

Living room

Ah, it is the first room you enter upon returning home from a long day of work – the humble living room. It is no secret that a well-decorated living room can improve your mood and beautify the home, making it a welcoming place to return to.

An ideal living room should be well-ventilated, reasonably cool, and comfortable. Curtains take the limelight here, due to their ability to both serve the purpose of limiting sunlight and heat from entering the room, and sprucing up what would otherwise be a big, barren room.

Curtains and blinds also come in many different designs and materials, giving you the luxury of choice to pick a few that suit your home design. Different materials serve different purposes and offer different benefits, which is why it is important to pick out blinds and curtains carefully.

You could even consider purchasing an automatic curtain or motorised blinds in Singapore, especially if there are elderly members in your family, as these products can aid in reducing the strain on their shoulders and backs.


With so many possibilities and combinations that curtains and blinds can come in, it can be difficult to decide on what to buy and install. At The Curtain Expert, reasonable prices and experienced opinions can help you make the best choice for your home!

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