Night Curtains

Why Night Curtains?

Night curtains are made with heavy fabric and are designed to give you optimum privacy as well as light control. The heavy materials are able to block out maximum light and absorb sound, as a result earning their name. These versatile soundproof curtains are perfect for any room in the home that requires silence and privacy, such as the bedroom or home office.

As they block out most of the sunlight from entering into the room, they are often paired with day curtains. This gives more flexibility when it comes to light and privacy control as they can be pulled back with just the day curtains drawn when you want to allow some soft light to enter your home. For exceptional soundproof night curtains in Singapore, look no further than The Curtain Expert.

Normal vs Dim-Out Curtains

There are the normal night curtains, which are made of a single layer of opaque fabric and block out about 65% of the sunlight and offer full privacy when drawn. Dim out curtains are made of triple layers with a black layer of fabric in between, allowing them to block out about 80% of sunlight. These curtains give you optimum privacy as well as block out the sunlight, allowing an insulating effect in your home, effectively blocking out the heat. Dim out night curtains not only offer protection against heat, they are also pretty effective in providing protection against noise. Most of us in Singapore live in close proximity to busy roads or other houses and thus we can always appreciate soundproof curtains that can help reduce the noise coming in or going out of our homes. They are able to perform these functions while being easier to maintain and clean than blackout curtains.

Looks Matter Too

Our curtains are of the best quality you can find, and you will not be disappointed with the quantity of design and colours you can choose from as well. Layered and heavy curtains also tend to give the room a luxurious look and feel, shifting the dynamics of a room if it was previously plain and simple. Feel free to reach out to us for quotations, guidance, and recommendations on our soundproof night curtains.

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