Our Team | The Curtain Expert Singapore
Our Team | The Curtain Expert Singapore
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Our Team

Benefit From Our Team’s More Than 10 Years Of Combined Experience In The Soft Furnishings Industry.

Having been in this trade for more than 10 years, we pride ourselves with top quality products, excellent service and we always strive for 100% customer satisfaction. We have been awarded the SME Singapore Entrepreneurs Award in 2013 for our Service and Quality.

Trusted By Singaporean Households Since 2007.

Andy – The Curtain Expert

Someone who will go extra mile for his customer in any circumstances. He will always ensure customer comprehends with what they will be getting during onsite consultation and follow up after installation. Always giving honest opinion to customer pertaining to any soft furnishing related in terms of cost, maintenance, usability, ecstatically and practicality.

He has a strong belief in “selling what customer needs and not what customer want…

Jasmine – The Curtain Expert

Been an indoor sales in the soft furnishing industry for 4 years . She decided to join The Curtain Expert as she has a strong believe that this company will go far. She is well versed in her product knowledge despite having minimal on-site experiences.

She is patience when advising various products, pros and cons, etc. Do feel free to approach her when you patronised us.

Jax – Klite Concept & The Curtain Expert

A soft spoken gentleman who has just joined us since our grand opening. He is well versed in graphic designing but has been in the similar industry (interior designing) for many years.

Well equipped with lighting and soft furnishing product knowledge that will be easier for you to visualise when conversing with him.

Ps:- All our flyer you have seen flying around was designed by him.

Kaixin – Klite Concept

A strong character lady who decided to venture on her own after working in the same industry for 3 years. She is someone who has a very strong interpersonal skills with her customer.

For Klite Concept, she actually hand picked each and every individual light design so that customer will feel exclusive after purchasing them.

Ps:- All the lights she brought in, as compared, the prices are really very attractive!