Outdoor Bamboo Blinds

Outdoor bamboo blinds are window treatments made from thin, flexible bamboo strips that are woven together. They are designed to be installed as outdoor blinds, typically outside your home’s windows, or on the porch or patio to provide shade and privacy while allowing air to flow through. If you’re looking for reliable outdoor blinds for your home, The Curtain Expert carries a line of bamboo blinds that come in a range of colours and sizes that can complement your home’s aesthetics.

Operational Usage of Bamboo Blinds

Our bamboo blinds are operated through a Single+Double Pulley and PVC Rope system. They are also binded to a solid Asian wooden head and bottom rail that can easily withstand the harsh tropical weather. For an even more user-friendly operation, our outdoor bamboo blinds are fixed with our patent pending, auto-locking pulley. This mechanism can also be controlled by our tangle-free cord that ensures smooth ease of operation.

Apart from ease of use, bamboo blinds have many other benefits:

Limitless Styling Possibilities

Bring in warmth, comfort, and cosiness into your home or commercial space with blinds made of woven shafts of bamboo. The texture that bamboo blinds add to your interior is a premium quality that can easily transform your space to shabby chic or rustic elegance.

With the endless styling possibilities that these outdoor blinds offer, our bamboo blinds can also be used as the perfect window accents in your home’s interior. Sandwich your bamboo blinds between colourful curtains and you instantly have an effortless focal point in the room. Hang some classic drapery beside pale bamboo blinds for that homey feel. Add a little valence on top of the blinds for a great layering effect. Your imagination is your only limit!

Environmentally Friendly

It takes decades for hardwood forests to mature while a bamboo farm can harvest shoots every three to five years. This means that bamboo is currently growing at a faster rate than it is being harvested, making bamboo a sustainable material for making blinds. Therefore, using bamboo for window shades and blinds is a more socially conscious choice, and the natural qualities of natural bamboo has made it a popular choice as a window covering among interior designers all over the world. If you are looking for an eco-friendly option, then bamboo blinds are the way to go.

All-Weather Durability at its Finest

Bamboo has always been known to be one of the toughest and most versatile natural materials, making these blinds highly durable against various weather conditions, especially Singapore’s tropical heat. Opting for waterproof bamboo blinds can help protect your outdoor spaces against the rainy and sunny weather. In addition, its characteristic of being among the fastest growing plants allows it to become affordable. 

Durability and affordability are the ideal elements that naturally result in value for money. And value for money is what we can give. At The Curtain Expert, we offer outdoor bamboo chick blinds in Singapore that would look great in any space. Drop us a message and we’ll be more than willing to be of assistance.

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