Rainbow Blinds Singapore

What are Rainbow Blinds?

Rainbow blinds are striped double layer blinds made of sheer or perforated material and polyester. They are also known as shadow blinds, Â combi blinds or Korean blinds. Initially created in South Korea around 2014, Korean blinds have since become increasingly popular worldwide, especially in Singapore.

Combi blinds comprise alternate panels of opaque and translucent fabrics. As you pull the blinds up and down, these panels glide over each other seamlessly, allow you to have control over how much light and privacy you require in the room.

Perfect Choice for All Homes

Combi blinds are versatile and can complement any room furnished with contemporary decor. These can also work flawlessly in rooms with breathtaking views. If you are looking for functional horizontal blinds with luxuriously soft fabric, and at the same time desire flexible control over light and privacy, these are the perfect blinds for you.

Light and Privacy Control

Korean blinds offer great versatility simply adjust the spacing between the stripes to filter out sunlight gently or have it closed to block out sunlight entirely and create privacy. Â You can also roll it up halfway or all the way to brighten the room.

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