Roman Blinds In Singapore

Unlike venetian blinds, roman blinds are not seen as frequently in homes in Singapore. However, this furnishing option can be one of the best choices to elevate the interior look and feel of your home or office space.

Class & Luxury

Exude an air of elegance and sophistication with roman blinds that can easily become the focal point of any room. Upgrade your home in Singapore by choosing roman blinds that look classy, but are also easy on your budget.

Best of Both Worlds

Roman blinds combine the stylish appeal of curtains and draperies, with the functionality and convenient control of blinds. They are perfect for situations where curtains may not be feasible – such as for windows without a floor-to-ceiling length, or if you have a piece of furniture in the way. Like curtains, there is also a wide selection of fabrics to fabricate your roman blinds from. The cord system makes it easy for you to lift the blinds into pleasantly cascading pleats, which adds charm to any interior. These blinds are especially great for small spaces because they do not detract from the windows or light, and are easy on the eye without looking particularly heavy.

Best For Bedrooms & Lounges

Given the relaxed and inviting nature of roman blinds, this furnishing option is best suited for areas where they can become the centrepiece, and elevate the atmosphere to create a lush and comfortable look. If luxury and sophistication are what you are looking for in your blinds, then choose roman blinds by The Curtain Expert. We offer the finest selection of premium roman blinds in Singapore, where you can definitely find something to suit your interior. Our staff are dedicated to helping you find the perfect window drapes for your home or living space. Speak to our friendly curtains experts today to find out more.

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