Curtains Vs Blinds

Which Cost More? Curtains Or Blinds?

If you have ever wonder which of those will cost you more , let me reveal the answer that probably has been pondering you.

It will depend on what type of window dressing you are going to have and the width and height of each window.

Let me give you a simple example :

Condominium Master Bedroom

Night Curtain: $466

PVC Roller Blind: $496

Fabric Blackout Roller Blind: $801

Non Blackout Rainbow: $649

Blackout Rainbow: $880

Wooden Venetian Blinds: $880

HDB BTO Master Bedroom

Night Curtain: $434

PVC Roller Blind: $170

Fabric Blackout Roller Blind: $320

Non Blackout Rainbow: $260

Blackout Rainbow: $380

Wooden Venetian blinds: $380

How did we derive at the numbers above?

For Curtains, we calculate base on an average of $24/m fabric. (track and sewing calculated separately )

For Blinds, We calculate base on PSF ( Per Square Feet) . Every material on blinds has different pricing. As you can see, PVC roller blinds is the cheapest of all and wooden venetian blinds has the highest cost.

Price above is just an indication of how much they will roughly cost but not our best price!

Congratulation to you if you have smaller surface window and decided to have blinds on them. Price will be cheaper compared to having curtains and vice versa.

Please do note that curtains price quoted is base on our 95% dim out fabric. There are still other range of material that can range from $16 to $100+ /meter

How can I save cost effectively?

In order to save cost effectively, first of all, we would like you to think of your daily lifestyle.

The reason why we ask the above question is because base on our experience, most owners will always want something that may not necessarily needed.

For example, most customer enquire “Day and night curtain for all rooms” or “wooden venetian blinds for all rooms“. After we have quoted, they realise we have quoted too high and it off their budget. They stop contacting us anymore.

Many a time, after we have access onsite , we realise customer don’t really need to spend expensive stuff in the 2 common room. One typical reason being, mostly are newly wed couple and have no baby plan in near future. Hence, why do you have to spend on something that you don’t utilise? Why not just spend on something cheaper and does it purpose..?

Secondly, do you really need a day and night curtain for all rooms?

Day curtain is used for blocking privacy and some glare from the strong sunlight while night curtain will be blocking majority of the light in order to have undisturbed sleep.

Living room is the place where families will gather and spend most time at. Room that are use for sleeping , my advise is one night curtain will be enough.

Think about this, you close up the night curtain when you decided to sleep , next morning when you wake up , you will open up the curtain to air the room. Next, you be going to the living room to watch TV and etc. The cycle carry on, hence, do you really need the day curtain?

Don’t get me wrong, if you spend time reading or have other activities in the sleeping room most time, you can have one, or else, I usually advise customer , don’t waste the money on that plus, you will have additional chores to do.

In this current trend, most couple are working, do you have the time and energy to always clean them up? Think about it…

Bottomline : Dont spend on something expensive that is not needed.

We don’t sell base on what you want but WE SELL BASE ON WHAT YOU NEED!

Asking for onsite consultation too early.

Don’t Get Me Wrong…

Customer always have the wrong idea that we don’t wish to go up for a non obligation assessment, but the real truth is , we will not be able to advise much in term of :

– Color , texture if they really suit your theme.

– Curtain or blinds, (what type of curtains , what type of blinds, suit best.)

– How the installation going to look like.(Curtain and various type of blind will need different space to install, hence before your renovation is done, we are not able to advise. Some customer add on a pelmet later on when after they have decide to have rainbow blinds installed and the space is not enough for the mechanism to be installed)

We try to make our trip there as fulfilling as much as possible.

We advise customer is base on what we see on the actual site during the day of consultation. Hence, measurement will be base actual day as well.

Let me give you an example :

Customer never thought of confirming the deal with us and we actually have asked her as well, if there is any other carpentry around. she mentioned not that she know of. when we went up for installation, we saw the drawer not allowing the curtain to enter.


1) To shorten the entire curtain just above the drawer.

2) Shorten the curtain only at the area above the drawer.

3) Alter the drawer.

Customer decided to pay additional SUM to change the carpentry.

So you may be thinking, “I need to have a parkball figure on how much it will cost. how?”

You can send in floorplan to us and let us know what you need. we will give you an estimation base on our experience but final price will varies. Every mechanism and material have different pricing but it will be a good estimation. We will only able to give our BEST DISCOUNT after ONSITE ASSESSMENT with material selected.

Will urge customer to drop by the showroom to see the actual mock up as that will be the one we will be installing in your actual home.

Bottomline here : “Hiccups equals $$$”

Which One Needs Lesser Maintenance? Curtains Or Blinds?

In our opinion (base on customer feedback and experiences) :-

Curtains (depend on texture) generally need to be taken down and send for laundry or machine wash (Not advisable). This process of taking down , cleaning them, hanging up can be a very taxing and tedious process.

Roller Blind . Generally near zero maintenance. Hardly dust will be trapped on the fabric itself as when they are being operated, the dust will fall off by itself.

Wooden Venetian Blind. Dust will land on the slat for this type of blind when they are 180degree opened. Closing these slat and “feather dust” them will do..but please do not expect 100% clean.

Which One Blocks Light Out Better?

In our opinion (base on customer feedback and experiences) :

Curtains (3 Types of Fabric)

Normal Fabric

Typically Normal Fabric material can’t really block out sunlight, except probably 30% – 50%. They are thinner and therefore lighter in weight generally.

Dim Out Fabric

Dim Out Fabric can block from 60% – 95% light, subject to how strong the sun you are getting and the color of the fabric.

Black Out Fabric

Black Out Fabric can block out 100% of sunlight. They have a lining behind the fabric which adds on more weight to it. However, please note that although the material is 100% black out, to black out the entire room to be absolutely 100% free of light is nearly impossible. If the sunlight is very strong, a small amount of light will still slip through (like picture shown).

You will not be able to achieve more black out as compared to curtains. With curtains, we can do wall-to-wall and ceiling-to-floor.

For standard HDB flats, we only cover 3 – 6 inches more out of the window . For condos, even if we cover wall-to-wall, the side of the blinds will have a 1-inch gap that can still allow the light to come in.

To understand better, please drop by our showroom to take a look at the mock up we have for you.

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