Choosing Living Room Curtains That Match Your Style

Just like every furniture piece in your living room, the curtains you choose can make or break the overall vibe of your interior. While to some, the idea of having to match their curtains to the rest of their home decor may seem like a trivial decision that does not require much consideration, the truth of the matter is that curtains have a strong hold on the look of a room. More than capable of creating a style conflict within the confines of your four walls and impacting the beauty of a room, it is important to choose curtains that match the style, colour and textures of your living room walls and furniture. To help you create a curtain and living room design combination that is efficient and works together to mitigate the risks of your home looking dull and monotonous, we explore four ways to match your living room curtains with your interior design style. 


Installing new window curtains is one of the most affordable ways to add more colour and life to your home. However, picking random colours and materials to adorn your windows will not cut. This is because window curtains take up a large area of the walls and also play a huge role in the regulation of the natural light that enters a room. A great way to add texture and pattern to a seemingly unfinished room, consider doing the following to achieve your desired effect in your living space: 

1. Match the Fabric with the Interior Design 

From sheer and lightweight day curtains to acoustic curtains that feature opaque fabrics, the type of fabric your window curtain is made of is an important factor when it comes to the look and functionality of the curtain. Of course, one of the main ways to choose the best fabric is to decide on the amount of light you want shining through the windows. However, if your main focus is to pull off a certain aesthetic, then think about the mood you want to recreate. If you are going for a more minimalist interior design, then sheer fabrics are worth considering. For traditional designs, go for cotton or silk materials and pair them with blinds or Roman shades for more privacy.

2. Create Contrast with Colour

Rather something bold and makes the biggest visual statement? While many homeowners in Singapore go the safer route and choose curtain colours that are only slightly lighter or darker than their wall tones, you can add a contrasting shade to enliven your scheme. And instead of making close to permanent changes to your living room space like giving it a fresh coat of paint or buying brand new furniture pieces, installing curtains that are of a contrasting colour will definitely turn heads. To maintain some level of cohesiveness, pick an accent colour that is already present in your living room and match the shade of your curtain to that. Alternatively, you can check out the latest colour trends to transform your space.

3. Double It Up to Be Cool

Sheer curtains have made a comeback recently but homeowners are turning to layering more in order to add texture, depth and interest to the space. Elevating the levels of privacy and providing you with more opportunity to play with colour and pattern, layering your curtains and blinds is totally worth it if you want to add more visual appeal to your living room.

4. Go for Neutrals

When trying to create a cosy home, be sure to opt for neutral-coloured curtains. This is especially important if your living room interior design is already filled with colour and pattern. Choosing neutral tones in such instances will not only balance out the entire scheme but is also one of the many curtain tricks to make your room appear bigger. Moreover, a neutral palette is already versatile enough to complement any wall colours, making it one of the safest bets.


When attempting to bring the wow factor to your living room space, it is clear to see that curtains will be able to do that for you in more than one way. By simply choosing the right colour, pattern and type, you can make a real statement with your drape. Making available the best selection of window curtains for all in Singapore, check out our range of living room curtains in Singapore and discover how The Curtain Expert can help make a big impact on the look and feel of your space.