Outdoor blinds keep you protected from the harsh elements of rain and sun in Singapore, while providing you with ample privacy in the comfort of your own home. Apart from keeping you in the shade, it also prevents your outdoor furniture from damage due to weather conditions.

Our outdoor blinds are weatherproof, and therefore a favourite for use in home balconies and shops with patio seating. No matter your need, there is an outdoor blinds set for every need.

Benefits of Outdoor Blinds

Apart from keeping you away from unpredictable weather in Singapore, there are other benefits that outdoor blinds can bring to your home or commercial space.

Pest Control

Nobody likes having uninvited guests such as cockroaches and mosquitoes in your home or eatery. Choose a blind that offers you protection from creepy crawlies and dust, but is still breathable so that your living space feels bright and windy.


Unlike curtains which may be bulky and hard to wash, blinds are easy to maintain. To keep your outdoor blinds clean, simply wipe down the surface from time to time with a damp cloth or vacuum dust away. As our outdoor blinds are waterproof, you do not need to be worried about humidity or mold growth.


Outdoor blinds are made to withstand the extremes of weather conditions, as well as heavy usage. At The Curtain Expert, we offer various blind systems in manual and motorised modes to provide the best convenience for your daily use. These systems are easy to operate, even when you are in a rush. And value for money is what we can give. At The Curtain Expert, we offer outdoor bamboo chick blinds in Singapore that would look great in any space. Drop us a message and we'll be more than willing to be of assistance.

Environmentally Friendly

Bamboo is a popular choice for outdoor blinds. Known for their toughness and durability, they are one of the most durable materials to protect against various weather conditions. Additionally, bamboo grows fast and in abundance in nature, and is a value for money option that looks great in any space.

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Through the years, we have amassed over 180 reviews from satisfied customers, earning ourselves a strong 5-star rating, as a testament to the quality of our work. If you are in the market for outdoor blinds, reach out to our experts today and receive a 100% free, no obligation quote to get you on your way.

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