Day Curtains

What Are Day Curtains?

Day curtains are made of sheer, lightweight material. Their main purpose is to allow natural sunlight to shine through during the day while preserving privacy control.

Let There Be Light

Our day curtains are of the best quality that you could ask for. Common choices of material for day curtains include organza or lace. These materials allow natural light to stream in, leaving the view outside your living room unblocked while preventing outsiders from looking into your home. This means that the curtains can help you diffuse the glare and intensity of direct sunlight, successfully blocking it out but ensuring that your home is not shrouded in darkness while there is still daylight. Day curtains are usually paired with night curtains as they do not provide a high degree of privacy during the night when it is dark outside, and the inside of your home is well-lit.

Save on Electricity Bills

You might think day curtains are not necessary and a hassle to clean and maintain. However, did you know that they only need to be taken down to be cleaned about twice a year? Moreover, day curtains allow natural light to stream in while protecting your home from the heat outside. This means that you can save on electricity bills as there is no longer a need to turn on the lights or air conditioners!

More Than Just Curtains

Day curtains are not just functional additions to living rooms but can also serve as beautiful decorative pieces. With various designs and patterns you can choose from, these curtains can instantly brighten up a space. They can be used as door curtains, room partitions and even as a decorative backdrop for a shop window display or a wall! Browse our selection of curtains now and feel free to contact us if you require any assistance.

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