Linen VS Polyester: The Two Most Popular Curtain Materials

Linen VS Polyester: The Two Most Popular Curtain Materials

Curtains come in a wide array of material choices, each with a unique blend of aesthetics and functionality. For instance, luxurious options such as satin and silk deliver a soft, lustrous sheen that sets them apart, albeit requiring extra care to preserve their delicate nature.

However, among these diverse choices, linen and polyester have emerged as the reigning champions in the world of home curtains. Their widespread popularity can be attributed to their affordability and availability in retail stores. Having said that, the common ground between the two materials largely concludes at these attributes.

For homeowners looking to make a switch, or purchase their first set of curtains, we’ve compiled a list of differences between linen and polyester to help you make a well-informed decision!


As linen is a natural fibre, curtains made from linen tend to be more textured and have a unique appearance as compared to smoother fabrics. On closer scrutiny, this provides a look that never goes out of style. Due to the woven nature of organic fibres in linen, curtains made out of this material also have a lighter, looser look that brings forth a feeling of airiness and provides excellent ventilation in warmer climates.

On the other hand, polyester curtains appear smoother and denser than linen ones. Thanks to its ability to be dyed and printed in a wide variety of colours and patterns, polyester is known for its versatility. Moreover, due to the denser weaving of the threads, polyester is also commonly used in blackout curtains.

Maintenance and durability

Linen fabrics, prized for their airy and clean appearance, demand meticulous care and maintenance due to their texture and delicate construction. While linen boasts exceptional breathability and aesthetic versatility, it is generally more prone to stains and wrinkles, necessitating frequent ironing, washing, and steaming.

In contrast, polyester offers a wrinkle-resistant and easily washable option, making it a preferred choice for bustling households with children or pets. Its denser structure grants some leniency in terms of rougher treatment and resistance to wear and tear. Nevertheless, special curtain cleaning care is essential to prevent the accumulation of dust, insects, or other particles.


Crafted from natural fibres that are relatively challenging to source and process, linen often comes with a slightly higher price tag. However, this does not deter linen curtain fans, as they value the material’s exceptional breathability, lightweight feel, and distinctive texture. These qualities make linen a worthwhile investment for those who appreciate its distinctive qualities.

Conversely, polyester is designed for mass production and easy customisation, resulting in an affordable price point that resonates with a wide range of homeowners. Combined with lower maintenance needs and general sturdiness, polyester curtains present a compelling case for their popularity, effectively meeting various needs and preferences.


With the numerous unique traits and qualities that these two fabrics carry, it is no wonder they have earned their spot amongst the most popular curtain materials.

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