Cleaning Curtains

Many residential homes use curtains in Singapore as a popular choice of interior window treatment. Not only are they affordable and easy to maintain, but curtains also add a sense of belonging by enhancing the interior decoration of your home. As a provider of curtains in Singapore, we often get asked on the best maintenance tips for curtains. How frequent should curtains be cleaned? Can we use a washing machine or strictly dry cleaning only?

How Frequent Should You Clean Curtains

You should try to clean your curtain at least once weekly as curtains are prone to collect dust and debris. When you try to clean curtains, shake the fabric lightly and keep a lookout for stains. You can use a vacuum cleaner and attach a brush head to clean the curtain easier. If you don’t have a vacuum cleaner, feather duster works too. The main purpose is to brush off the dust from accumulating in the fabric. If you do not do this periodic weekly maintenance to your curtains, the dust can become stubborn and hard to clean later.

Using a Washing Machine to Clean Curtains

Using a washing machine is possible to wash your curtains in Singapore, thanks to the tropical heat that can dry off curtains fast. Before putting your curtains into the drum, make sure all the accessories and hardware are taken off. You should also pay attention to the label and see if they are ideal and suitable for machine washing. Most curtains can be washed with cold water and detergent however it is best to check with your curtain provider just to be sure.

Curtains with laces are best left to the traditional hand wash as they need gentle care. However, you can wash it with a washing machine too provided they are put into a mesh bag to prevent the washing machine from fraying and damaging your curtains when spinning at high speed.

Once your curtain is the dryer, pay special attention to it and take out the curtains when they are almost dry. You do not want to wait until it’s completely dry as it can lead to overdrying. This can lead to some serious problem later such as wrinkles or damage to your curtains.

Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning is probably the best way to clean your curtains in Singapore effectively. If you decided to dry clean your curtains, be sure to find a professional dry cleaner. If the curtains is not properly dry cleaned, it can lead to damages on the curtain’s fabric structure. A professional dry cleaner will be experienced in cleaning your curtains properly. If you are in doubt, contact your curtains provider in Singapore for recommendations.

Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning curtains is an ideal choice of cleaning if the curtains are heavy or difficult to detach from the rails/rod. Using a good quality steamer with an upholstery attachment can clean your curtains just as effective as using a washing machine on them. When cleaning with steam, if you notice that the curtain fabric is becoming wet, you are too near to the curtain and you should distance the appliance further from the curtain.

Care must be taken when handling steam appliances and always read the manufacturer’s instruction on the best way to operate them. Steam coming out is hot and can hurt you if the appliance is not handled in a safe manner. Remember to wear appropriate safety equipment when operating a steam appliance.


There are many ways to clean a curtain. It is best to periodically clean your curtain to preserve and extend the lifespan of your curtain. If you need further advice on how to clean them more efficiently, be sure to check with your provider of curtains in Singapore for the best advice.