How Do Automated Blinds Differ From Traditional Blinds?

How Do Automated Blinds Differ From Traditional Blinds?

Equipped with motorised systems that seamlessly lift and pull blinds at the press of a button, sceptical homeowners may wonder if these automated blinds are truly worth the purchase. Traditional blinds may be hand-operated and satisfactory enough, but automated blinds come with several benefits that can certainly come in handy.

Motorised blinds have proven popular amongst those looking for a “smart home” style for their daily living. Here are some of the benefits these high-tech blinds offer:

Suited for the less mobile

Automated blinds are superior in the sense that they provide the less mobile an easier time pulling and lifting blinds. This may not seem like an issue with traditional blinds, but the truth is that many individuals, especially the old and those with injuries, may experience significant difficulties in operating traditional blinds.

With automated blinds, a conveniently located remote or switch can do all the work for you! This significantly improves quality of life, sparing users from the glare of harsh sunlight, and increasing the less mobile’s ability to live independently.

Flexibility and control

While traditional blinds offer customisation when it comes to letting in different amounts of light, there is no denying that they do require some learning and fine-tuning in order to get the specific settings you like. This involves careful manipulation of the different layers of blinds, which can take up time and even cause some frustration during the delicate process.

Automatic blinds however, come with different settings fine-tuned for specific purposes. This allows you to simply press a button, stand back, and allow the motorised systems to do the work. This provides a dimension of convenience and comfort often appreciated or even admired by homeowners concerned with smart features and true modern living. Their supporting systems are also not as clunky as most would think, allowing you to install blinds in rooms that most suit them (check out our previous article a guide on the rooms you should install blinds).

Stability and reliability in operation

Ever had conventional, hand-operated blinds cords tangle up and get stuck? More often than not, blinds feature a light construction, and can be easily damaged by applications of force. While it may be tempting to pull on the cords or the blinds themselves, doing so may risk you breaking them.

Motorised blinds, on the other hand, feature well-engineered sets of pulleys and levers designed to deal with the issue of blinds getting stuck. What this brings out is a layer of reliability not usually expected in manual systems. Besides offering day-to-day stability and reliability, motorised blinds can take the stress out of untangling cords and adjusting stuck blinds with much less risk of breakage.


Although naysayers may claim motorised blinds to be an unnecessary upgrade to traditional, hand-operated blinds, these high-tech furnishings offer many great benefits that can save both time and effort in their maintenance, and truly do embody the spirit of modern, smart home living.

Motorised blinds in Singapore are fast becoming popular amongst new and old homeowners alike as technology advances to make modern and smart home living more than just an aesthetic. With automatic curtain systems being adapted to different home arrangements, such automated furnishings are well on the way to attaining ubiquity.

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