Curtain Shopping: How To Choose Sustainable Window Treatments

Curtain Shopping: How To Choose Sustainable Window Treatments

In recent years, more and more consumers are becoming aware of the negative effects of fast fashion. Soft furnishings like curtains lie in a grey area in all this, but it ultimately means they are not all environmentally friendly, either. The eco-friendliness of curtains mainly depends on the material itself.

Curtains now come in a wide range of materials depending on what they are designed for. Take soundproof curtains, for instance, which will generally consist of various fibres and materials that lend to their soundproofing capabilities. On the other hand, sheer curtains use lighter-weight fabrics like polyester, a synthetic fibre known to cause various types of pollution. While the environmental impact of these curtains and the materials they are derived from ultimately depends on the manufacturer, many are considered unsafe.

Thankfully, the trend towards sustainability has accelerated such that more and more manufacturers are switching to recycled fabrics and organic materials for their latest designs. As such, if you are now more conscious of your purchase decisions and wish to extend that to your choice of window treatments, the following tips below can help you know what to look for when shopping for sustainable curtains.

Which Materials Should You Look For?

Curtains made from natural materials are the best option if you want to decorate your home with sustainable window treatments. Some examples include:

Organic Cotton Curtains

Unlike regular cotton, organic cotton is grown without pesticides or genetically modified seeds. Best of all, it is similar to linen in that it has a rather luxurious appeal. If you are in the market for soundproof curtains, you’ll be glad to know that many options now incorporate organic cotton in their list of materials.

Linen Curtains

Linen is one of the most popular curtain materials. Well known for its softness, luxuriousness, and airy feel, linen is made from flax and rarely, if ever, dyed with chemicals. This means they are typically coloured with softer dyes and greatly prevent water pollution, making them a perfect addition to a sustainable home.

Hemp Curtains

Hemp is a natural material from the hemp plant or Cannabis sativa L., which does not require much water to grow and thus conserves resources. Once turned into textile, hemp curtains are renowned for being very robust and will serve your needs for a long time.

Recycled Fabric Curtains

With the increasing amount of fabric from fashion ending up in landfills, increasing demand for recycled fabric is more important than ever. Curtains made from this material reuse existing textiles and commonly incorporate polyester, nylon, and cotton, extending their life and preventing them from causing devastating terrestrial and aquatic environments.

How to Choose Sustainable Curtains for Your Home

Apart from looking into their materials, there are a few more factors to consider when choosing sustainable curtains. Keep the following in mind whenever you wish to change up your decor and need new curtains for your designs.

Evaluate the materials used

As mentioned, opting for organic fibres is the ideal way to guarantee that you are getting a sustainable set of curtains. That said, this option will not always be the most realistic. For example, if you need soundproofing curtains, you need to keep in mind that they may not solely use organic materials to achieve the right thickness and serve their purpose well, which is to insulate your home and keep noise out.

Look into the brand’s supply chain

A sustainable product is only one part of the puzzle, and it is recommended that you also look into the brand’s business practices and see if their sustainability efforts extend all the way up their supply chain. Thus, do your due research before committing to a purchase.

Do You Need Them?

Last but not least, assess whether you really need a new set of curtains or not. While getting new window treatments undoubtedly provides you with more options for your interior decor, ditching your current ones when they are still very much usable is counterproductive to your goals, even if you are buying a sustainable product. However, if you have a plan on how to recycle or give a second life to your old curtains, then that is a different matter altogether.


Choosing sustainable curtains does not have to be that difficult, and the content above should hopefully help you get started on the right foot the next time you upgrade your home’s window treatments. If that time happens to be now, consider visiting our showroom here at The Curtain Expert, where we house the widest array of sustainable and exquisitely designed curtains and blinds in Singapore.

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