Why You Should Consider Bamboo Blinds

Fancy the outdoor garden that you’ve worked so hard on? Ever wanted to sit at your porch and enjoy the majestic garden view but it’s just too hot? Singapore being a tropical country can be hot sometimes. This is the reason why you should invest in windows covering to shield from the hot sun arrays. We understand that this however, can be quite overwhelming as we are spoiled for choices. Nonetheless if you’re looking for a simple solution that looks good and serve its purpose, you may want to consider outdoor bamboo blinds. Here’s a few couple of reasons why:

Sustainable & Renewable

A typical tree can take up to a decade to grow before they can be chopped down for their woods. This practice is not sustainable as it takes too long to recoup for the loss of the tree. Bamboo on the other hand, contrary to common misconception, is actually a type of grass, which are among one of the fastest growing plants on the planet. This means bamboos being cut down to make outdoor bamboo blinds can be replaced quickly. This makes them an environment friendly choice and you don’t have to feel guilty about damaging the earth.


Since bamboo has been known to grow fast it allows many bamboo farms to mass produce bamboos at cheap price and supply them to the market. The ideal characteristic of bamboo of being a versatile material that allows it to withstand tough weather condition has make bamboo a popular choice of material for blinds.

Low Maintenance

Did we tell you bamboo blinds are usually durable and can withstand most of what the weather throw at them? Yes, outdoor bamboo blinds can be a great choice for your outdoor windows cover since they are made from bamboo. Bamboos are known to be last for years without showing signs of deterioration. Bamboos also can withstand wet areas since they are moisture resistant and are perfect to be used in your wet kitchen or outdoor garden.

Perfect Insulation

If you want to spend less money keeping your rooms cold and comfortable then perhaps bamboo blinds can be your ideal choice. Most bamboo blinds installed in houses have great insulation effect as they stop heat from coming into the house. The insulation helps you to save on electricity cost of keeping the room comfortable.

Simple Decoration

Outdoor Bamboo blinds have an amazing texture when they are placed in a room that adopts minimalistic theme. They bring important element to the room necessary to create the impression of depth. Since bamboos come in variety of wooden shades, they are a perfect compliment to any type of flooring.

In conclusion, outdoor bamboo blinds are a simple yet perfect solution for outdoor shading needs. If you are in doubt or need further assistance, you can contact your local blinds provider to assess if these will suit your requirements.