4 Fantastic Ways Curtains Can Instantly Elevate Your Home

4 Fantastic Ways Curtains Can Instantly Elevate Your Home

While often overlooked, a curtain in Singapore is an essential element of interior design that contributes to your spaces’ overall functionality and aesthetic. This is why the simple addition of curtains can transform the look of a room in more ways than one, from making it feel cosier to giving it a finished and tailored look. Moreover, even the sheerest set of curtains can be the finishing touch that helps tie a room together. So, if you have yet to discover the full potential of your curtains, here are 4 ways to leverage them to elevate your interiors.

Create the illusion of height and space

Small spaces with low ceilings can feel cramped without the help of some interior design tricks. One such way to make these rooms larger than they really are is by using floor-length curtains and hanging them as high as possible. This hack draws the eyes upwards and helps create the illusion of grand heights and a lofty ceiling, making a room feel more spacious. If you want to recreate this effect horizontally, simply extending your curtains past the window frame and closer to the wall will suffice to make your room seem wider than it is.

Cover up unsightly interior features

Curtains are inherently made for use with windows. Still, with a bit of imagination, they can also serve other purposes, like hiding unsightly features in your rooms, which may include walls, closet doors, and storage furniture. In less than an afternoon, an extra set of curtains can help you effectively tuck away these less-than-tidy or imperfect interior features without making significant renovations. And if you are not keen on splurging on fancier drapery for this solution, you can always use roller blinds in Singapore to achieve the same effect at a lower cost.

Add a pop of colour

Although neutrals are a perennial favourite in the world of interior design, there are times when the same shades of white contrasted with a low-profile complementary colour can get tiring. So, rather than overhaul your furnishings, go through the trouble of installing new wallpapers, or bring in a fresh coat of paint, you could just get new curtains to add a pop of colour to your spaces. You’d be surprised at how much a quick change to brightly coloured curtains can transform the look of your interiors.

Set the mood

Curtains now come in a multitude of colour options and fabrics to choose from. Not only that, but the type of curtains you hang also affects the ambience of a space and dictates how laid-back or formal it feels. For instance, rich fabrics, tiebacks, and cascades inject a sense of formality into a room, while neutral curtains with bright colours and patterns lend a more relaxed look.

All this means that your choice of curtains is another factor that can further your interior design goals. Hence, it is important to pick out the right fabric material and curtain type to help you achieve the mood you’re aiming for, be it formal, cosy, romantic, cheery, or otherwise.


Elevating your interiors does not always require making big changes and shelving out a large budget. As discussed above, by leveraging curtains and making the most of their multipurpose role, changing the look and feel of your home often only requires something as easy as a window treatment.

If you’re raring to try out the ideas we’ve shared here, consider making an appointment to visit our showroom at The Curtain Expert today! Whether you are looking for a manual or automatic curtain, our wide collection features high-quality products that are sure to elevate your home instantly.