The different types of Curtain Materials


When it comes to decorating your home, curtains play a big part in either enhancing the space or ruin the overall feel and look of it. Because there are many aspects to consider when choosing the type of curtains from colour, material to length and width. What we will be discussing are the types of materials available and to see how it affects the texture, how it hangs, the coverage, durability and ease of care. With this details, you will be able to narrow down your selection to which curtain will suit you and your home best.

Polyester Material

This material can be considered as one of the more common materials used as window curtains. The main reason for this is that polyester curtains are very easy to maintain, very affordable and is very durable. This material is the go-to option when you do not want to think too much about what curtains to get. This means that it is perfect for those who are first timers into the curtain world. Polyester curtains are available in different types of patterns, colours, and styles which are fully customisable to suit your taste. These curtains are suitable for the living room and bedroom space. It should be avoided for the kitchen space as it is highly flammable, limits the air circulation and therefore absorbs odors.

Linen Material

Linen can be considered a luxury material, as it provides a tailored with a more billowy kind of material. These linen curtains will drape nicely in a casual dining space or living area. Linen material is also fairly sheer and does not entire block out the sunlight from coming into the space. Linen curtains can also be used as a base layer. Taking care of linen curtains can be somewhat tedious as they should only be dry cleaned and once they are done cleaning, they should immediately be hung up to avoid any wrinkles or folds being visible.

Silk Material

Silk curtains are also another type of luxury material and they provide a little bit of shine whenever light hits it. Silk is generally heavy, so the appearance of it when hanging will make it drape nicely. It is often used in a formal setting like meeting rooms. It can also provide a romantic feel depending on the colour palette, so it is suitable also for the bedroom. You can often see silk curtains in higher class hotel rooms. If you are planning on installing silk curtains you may also want to invest to protect it. When having silk curtains it is good to have window shades and lining to protect it as it is fairly sensitive to sun damage.

Blackout Material

These curtains are fairly common in any home or work space. It is ideal for blocking out the sun completely as the name implies which it is great for the bedroom or layering in other rooms where you can sleep during the day. Blackout curtains are usually made of an opaque fabric that is infused with foam. This provides the ability to block out any light. If you are mainly concerned about light or privacy, then this should be the choice for you. As it is a made of a thicker material, extra care is needed when cleaning this curtain.

Aside from these selected materials, there are also many others that are similar. But essentially, these are the important ones that most people tend to lean towards as they are more common. From these selections, you will have a clearer picture on which one will suit your needs and your home best.