The Color Trends for your Interior


Interior decorating and design is not something that you will often adjust. It is something that is hard to decide on and requires a little bit of help from someone who understands the current trends in the market. When looking into interior designing, there are many places you can look for inspiration. The more that you have seen, the easier it will be to come to your color decisions. The choice in your colors is said to be the core in any design process, as it can immediately transform any space.

The amount of color options available are vast, however there are only certain types of palettes that work well together with one another. Choosing the correct wall paint to match your furniture and various curtains styles is an important step. Depending on the room, mostly the colors shouldn’t be too loud. Having different neutral colors are good.


Shades of brown are very popular and has been for a very long time. The reason it is popular is because, these colors are usually warm and inviting. Both its light and dark shades are wont easily clash with each other elements in the room. This is especially true when you have more wooden furniture. You may consider having a little bit of contrast. If you have darker furniture, you can consider a lighter shade of brown for your paint paired with a medium toned curtain style for that added contrast in the room.

The types of curtains can also have an effect on the on the room. So make sure to pick the right type of curtain with the right type of color to match the rest of the furnishings of the room.



Shades of gray are considered a very versatile palette as it can match with pretty much every other color in the spectrum. The color gray should be utilised more in your interior designing especially when it comes to layering the feel of the room. Lilac gray is a good color to start with as it is neutral, and pairs well with brighter colors especially the lighter blues, yellows, and white. The perfect room for this color would be the bedroom as it gives off a relaxation feel. Pairing it together with lighter shades for your curtain designs, darker wood for the furniture will give off the right mood for the bedroom.


The color blue is considered to be associated with providing stability and depth. When using shades of blue, the approach can be casual. Lighter shades of blues or powder blues can be a great option as it will give a calm feeling on wont take over a room. This can be paired well with dark shade of curtains or even white curtains that are used for layering. Just make sure to pick the right hue so that it does not overpower everything else in the room.


Yellow known as the color of sunshine is also known to be a color of freshness. With the right shade of yellow, it can turn any kitchen into a pleasant room. When picking a yellow shade, please make sure to not go overboard as you wont want travel back in time into the 80s. Mustard is a great shade to pair with, and with this shades you can also be a little bit more playful with the patterns of the furnishings. When choosing a curtain design, you will want something that is more pleasant with a simple pattern.

Depending on what theme you are going for in you in your home, make sure you have the right tools so that you can plan the color of your entire home. Each room is important and will provide you with the look and feel that will be with you for a long time when you make the right decision.