What is a Rainbow Blind?

There are many different kinds of blinds available in the market for you. It may come as a hassle to try and figure out which is the best blinds for your room. Blinds in a way are a considered a lower maintenance item. Therefore when you are investing for your room or home a blind maybe the right option for you. From the many different blinds available today, the rainbow blind maybe a suitable option for you if you want more control and flexibility.

Based on the name, rainbow blinds are not multi-colored as you would come to imagine. Of course this type blinds come in many different colors depending on what your preference is. The main reason why this type of blinds are called the rainbow blinds are not because of the colors but because of the different features that it has.

There is a difference between your traditional blinds and rainbow blinds. The difference is layers, where traditional blinds only have a single layer while rainbow blinds come with two layers. The materials that make a rainbow blind are usually both polyester and perforated and there is a reason for this. For the perforated layer, because it is perforated therefore it allows sunlight to come through. This allows you to control the amount of sunlight that you need into the room and you are also able to make adjustments to the polyester layer.

The materials instead of being perforated can also be sheer, which means that it is still highly customizable to suit the feel and look of the room. This setup not only allows you to control the amount of light into the room but also control the amount of heat. This maybe a decision factor when you are in a country such as Singapore where we have particularly hot weather throughout the year. Rainbow blinds can be a good alternative compared to the traditional blinds for this purpose.

Rainbow blinds are also known as shadow blinds or combi blinds in case you are wondering. So in any event that you come across someone that mentions the names above, they are actually the same thing. Operating a rainbow blind is similar to operating the traditional blinds. The quality of the mechanism can also play a big part of the lifespan and durability of the blind. When you are investing in a blind that expects daily use, you will one to choose something that function smoothly without much hassle.

Other than ease of control, the sheer material outlook and function of these rainbow blinds gives subtle radiance and elegance towards the outlook of your room. When you are able to control the amount of light coming into your room it will create the ambiance and environment that you desire during any time of the day. In spite of this, your privacy will also not be effected during night time as you are able to completely close of the blinds using the polyester layer.

Do note that there are a lot of blinds come come pre-built which can fit into most homes and there are also custom blinds for more specific situations. This means that you are given the choice of choosing what is the right blind for you. A proper curtain and blinds company will always help you figure this out throughout your journey and help you pick the right one that will compliment your home.