Factors to remember when shopping for curtains or blinds in Singapore

When comes to choosing an office space most will prefer spacious interior with ample flow of natural sunlight. This may be well for your employee staffed in the office during the wee hours in the morning or late afternoon, but in a tropical country like Singapore, it’s not always an ideal workplace especially when the sun is at its strongest during the afternoon. There are many solutions present in the market to solve this issue, from tinting the wall glass or windows to installing curtains or blinds. Speaking of which, Ziptrak Singapore is increasingly becoming a popular choice due to its obvious benefits as compared to traditional roller shades in outdoors or commercial buildings.

Aside from the core function of curtains or blinds to block UV Rays and provide an ideal working environment for your employees, they also provide a form of professional decoration to your office. With that said, the entire process from selection to installation can be an overwhelming process, especially when this is your first time. However, once you’ve fixated on the right one, the curtains or Ziptrak Singapore blinds can have a big impact on your working environment and ultimately improve employee morale.

Fret not, we’ve compiled a list of things to consider when shopping for curtains or blinds. Here are a few factors you need to take into account when shopping for your curtains or blinds:

1. Choosing Purpose or Functionality First

You’re buying curtain or blinds to solve a problem, so this is the most important factor to consider. Without doubt, the main functionality is to provide privacy and degree of shading via your curtains or blinds, depending on what you like. For example, if you prefer to have less light you may want to consider curtains with heavy fabric that will prevent most light from going into your room. If you’re looking for something light, compact and easy to maintain, you must try our signature Zeep Blinds for your room or office. If you want to feel delightful with the choice of curtains, choose lightly weighted sheer curtains that will provide more natural light, giving your room or office brighter look with natural hue.

2. Size

Not all buildings and rooms are the same. So it goes without saying there is no one size that fits all. The good news is curtains or Ziptrak Singapore blinds can be customised according to your dimensions so make sure to take a measurement. With the correct dimensions and size, curtains or blinds can improve your room or office by making it feel bigger. If you have windows or plaster ceiling then you need to take into account the rails height when measuring the size.

3. Material

When it comes to curtains and blinds, there are aplenty choice of materials to choose from. The most commonly used materials are such as cotton, linen, silk and polyester. Aside from just material, you need to take into account the drapes because different material will yield different type of drapes. For example, silk curtain are heavier and thus drape well. They are ideal for romantic situations are used commonly in bedrooms. The downside of silk curtain is its more time consuming to clean as silk curtain are usually dry clean only.

4. Design

After choosing the right size and materials, the next important factor to consider would be the design and patterns of your curtains or blind. Curtain comes in different designs and patterns. Blinds often comes with multiple choice of colours. Remember to ask for a brochure and selections available from the curtain suppliers/providers. A good design and patterns combination can make a difference when it comes to making how people feel about your home or office. For example, Ziptrak Singapore blind gives the impression of an organised, professional settings for your office.

In conclusion, choosing a curtain or blinds for your property may seem like an easy choice until you get your hands on it. There are many other variables to explore as a difference in design or even size can have a huge impact and lasting impression on people’s opinion toward your office setting. In our experience, outdoors and commercial buildings always prefer to install Ziptrak Singapore blinds due to the ease of maintenance and simplicity.