Deciding between Curtains or Blinds

Be it tenants or owners, we always encounter the question of what we should put on our new windows. Should we put curtains or should we go with blinds? Let’s face it, both choices have their own merit but as someone who wants to build a cozy, temporary house for our family, we need to know the merits of both choices to suit our house decoration. Although these choices look small in comparison to other house design decision, they can have a big impact on the room’s mood and feel. Aside from being mere decoration, curtains or blinds can help to shield from the ultra hot sunlight and prying eyes from home invasion.

For most people it all come down to two choices, curtains or blinds. As a curtain expert, we get the question of comparison between curtains and blinds from our client seeking for the best answer. To tell the truth however, there is no correct answer to this as it ultimately depends on your style of decoration. We’ve put a quick guide here to provide you with some guidance on solving this equation:

1. Interior Style

When it comes to choosing between curtains or blinds, it depends on the interior style of your home. Curtains are spoilt with vast choices of designs, patterns, styles, type of fabrics and colours. Because of this, they are easier to match your decoration style compared to blinds.

However, we cannot disregard blinds totally as more and more modern homes are now incorporating motorised smart blinds for ease of use. Our Zeep blinds and Ziptrak blinds now comes with wide assortment of styles and design so be sure to call us and check it out.

2. Cost 

Due to the nature of fabrics, curtains are usually cheaper than most blinds. Fabrics are easier to source for from various sources compared to blinds which are usually made from wood or plastics. On top of that, there’s additional costs involved in the manufacturing of blinds as they are harder to construct compared to curtains. But with this, comes the durability advantage (More on this next point).

3. Maintenance

When comes to maintenance, it’s the question of time and ease of maintenance. Cleaning curtain is always going to be less time consuming because you can just wash them with washing machine and dry clean them later. Blinds such as Zipscreen Singapore blinds or our Zeep blinds are more convenient to maintain as they require less cleaning schedule.

With that said however, frequent washing of curtains or exposure of curtains over time may cause the fabrics to fade and may require replacement after several years. So be sure to factor this in when choosing between blinds and curtains!

4. Light Control

Different type of rooms have different natural light needs. Hence the decision will be up to you, do you want to block light or you would like to control the amount of light coming into the room?

For example, you would want to block light when you’re sleeping so for certain room like bedroom, you would prefer to go with the option of having thick curtains so the excessive light will not disturb your beauty sleep.

On the other hand, you would prefer to have some natural light over your living room to give the lively feeling. This is where you would want to consider installing Zeep blinds or Ziptrak Singapore blinds to control the amount of light entering the living room, especially in Singapore where it can be hot sometimes.

In conclusion, we hope this guide will provide you with some basic insight on which to choose for your new home. In our experience, it is always better to have a combination of both curtain and Zeep blinds as different rooms serve different purposes. If you’re in doubt or can’t come to a decision, give us a call and we can advise you!