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Day Curtains | The Curtain Expert Singapore
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Day Curtains

What Are Day Curtains

Day curtains are made of sheer material and are lightweight. Their main purpose is to allow natural sunlight to shine through during the day while at the same time preserve privacy control.

Let There Be Light

Our curtains are of the best quality that you could ask for. The common choice of material for day curtains are organza or lace. These materials allow you to have a view of outside your windows and prevent outsiders from looking into your home, allowing the natural light to come into your home. This means that the curtains are able to help you diffuse the glare and intensity of direct sunlight, successfully reducing it and yet not shrouding your home in darkness when there is still daylight out.

As they do not provide a high degree of privacy during the night when it is dark outside and the inside of your home is lit up, they are usually paired with night curtains.

Save on Bills

You might think day curtains are not necessary and are a hassle to maintain and clean. However, did you know that they only need to be taken down to be cleaned about twice a year? If you think about it, when natural light comes into your home and at the same time your home is protected from the heat outside, you are able to save on electricity bills as you would not need to turn on the lights or fans/air conditioners.

More than Curtains

There are various designs and patterns you can choose from and these curtains look beautiful. Not only as useful window dressing, but they make great decorative pieces as well. You could use these as door curtains as well, or as partitions to a room. They can also be used as a background for a shop window display, or just as a wall decoration as well.

Some Of Our Works

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