5 Missteps To Avoid When Hanging Your New Blackout Curtains

5 Missteps To Avoid When Hanging Your New Blackout Curtains

Unlike traditional window treatments, a blackout curtain in Singapore offers many perks in one package, including temperature regulation, privacy control, and light and noise reduction. That said, they will not work as intended if you do not install them properly. Thus, to ensure you get the most out of your new blackout curtains, take care to avoid these common pitfalls when getting new blackout curtains for your abode.

1. Not Measuring The Windows First

If this isn’t your first time picking out window treatments for your home, you know that the first important step before doing anything else is to measure the windows you want to cover up. Make sure to measure twice and check that you have the exact dimensions, so you only have to buy curtains once and avoid unnecessary expenditures. After all, it’s better to be safe than sorry!

2. Forgetting the Command Hooks

Command hooks can be a lifesaver when hanging blackout curtains, as they keep them in place and simplify the adjustment process. If you are unfamiliar with command hooks, they are essentially small plastic hooks that stick to surfaces and can hold drapes that weigh up to 3 pounds. This makes them perfect for mounting curtain rods and making it easy to adjust curtain height without drilling holes in the wall.

3. Not Reading the Instructions

Take the time to read the manufacturer’s instructions that come with your blackout curtains (if any), as they contain important information on the best way to install your new drapes and what kind of brackets or curtain rods work best with them. All too often, people just make best guesses on how to hang their new curtains. At best, this simply leads to making avoidable mistakes. At worst, they do not get all the benefits of their new curtains.

Whenever you’re unsure about a particular detail, double-checking the instructions almost always gets you the answer you want. By taking the time to go through the instructions, you can be sure that your new blackout curtains work well and look well.

4. Hanging The Curtains Too Low

The general rule of thumb for blackout curtains is to hang them as high as possible above the window, ideally 6-8 inches higher than the frame, and ensure they extend beyond the window on both sides. Installing them this way is essential to keep light from seeping in around the edges. Not only will this allow you to fully block out light, but it can also make your window appear larger, more dramatic, and bring about an air of luxury and grandeur.

5. Putting Only One Panel On Each Window

Hanging two panels of blackout curtains for each window is key to blocking more light effectively. It is for this reason that blackout curtains are a quality sleep essential.

Apart from improved light reduction, overlapping layers in the middle also look better aesthetically and make for better insulation.


If you’re interested in a quick way of increasing the comfort of your home, there is no better way to do so than hanging blackout curtains in the rooms that need them most. By following the tips above and avoiding the common mistakes associated with these types of curtains, you can rest assured that you are getting all the benefits from your small home decor investment.

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