Rainbow Blinds Singapore

singapore rainbow blindsRainbow blinds are striped double layer blinds consisting of a sheer or perforated material and polyester. They are also known as shadow blinds or combi blinds.

Style Breakthrough

Add color, texture, and style to your home, office, or commercial space with these unique blinds. The modern look of rainbow blinds provides a neat style that can tie together an entire interior. Thus, it makes a perfect complement to modern architecture and minimalist interior design.

Light and Privacy Control

These offer great versatility by simply adjusting the spacing of the stripes to gently filter the sun or have it closed to totally block out sunlight as well as for complete privacy. You can also roll it halfway or all the way up to brighten the room.

Perfect Choice

beigeThis kind of window covering can effectively blend in rooms with contemporary décor. These can also work flawlessly in rooms with great outside view.

If you want the functionality of horizontal blinds combined with the luxuriousness of soft fabric, and the flexible control over sunlight and privacy, then these are the blinds to go for.

We offer the finest rainbow blinds in Singapore that will perfectly fit your windows, your style, and your budget. If you are unsure which blinds to get, do not hesitate to drop us a line so we can assist you!


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