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We Have The Most Beloved Curtains in Singapore, As Attested To By Over 8,000 Singaporeans & Over 180 Reviews Raving About Our Curtains & Blinds.

You survey your space and ask yourself, "How do I update this look without breaking the bank?"

Simple; the easiest way to turn any space from drab to fab is to change your curtains and blinds!

As windows usually cover a large part of a room, your choice of material to cover the window will greatly influence the entire look of the space.

Whether you want the window to be the focal point of the room or you want it to subtly blend with the rest of the interior, curtains and blinds can accomplish both with ease. And when it comes to high-quality curtains and blinds in Singapore, we can definitely deliver!

Style + Function

grey curtainHave you ever stepped into a home or a commercial space and instantly feel bright and cheery? Or have you ever spent less than a minute inside a space and suddenly feel gloomy?

In addition to the aesthetics and style, drapes also contribute greatly to the mood your space wants to convey. You can choose to entertain your guests with the warm natural hues of your interior or seal that business deal in an office space with dependable blue tones.

Style, of course, work hand in hand with function. Topping the list of the importance of putting up window covers is the privacy it provides your home or your office.

These also protect your furniture from fading due to the sun rays coming in. Furthermore, it gives you control over how much sunlight you want to enter your room.

Both style and function for your space are what we strive to achieve.

Why trust us with your needs?

white blinds

You might be saying to yourself, "How hard can buying and installing a window covering be?" You will soon find out, however, that there is more to it than that. Stepping out into the unknown unarmed, you will be bombarded with a million options that you won’t even know where to begin.

Allow us to make it easier for you.

best serviceOur team of professionals have years of experience to give you sound advice as to what your space needs.

Whether it’s for HDB, condominium, bungalow, office, or retail shop,we have the know-how and the expertise to make the right recommendations that can make that vision in your head come to life.

Here at The Curtain Expert, we have ready-made and made to measure curtains with plenty of fabrics to choose from. Our range of curtains include:

Our choices of blinds include:

  • roller blinds
  • bamboo
  • vertical
  • venetian
  • roman
  • outdoor
  • rainbow
  • and many more...

check out our comprehensive range of blinds here.

All of our products are of superior quality and are affordable and reasonably priced that can guarantee no less than your satisfaction.

Get that interior upgrade you’ve always wanted without worrying about your budget. Contact us now and allow us to work our magic in your living and commercial space.