Why Choose Zeep Blinds Over Other Brands

Here at the Curtain Expert, we always prioritize the needs of our customers. That’s why we brought the VB Zeep Blinds to the market.

If you want something like Ziptrak Singapore has the Zeep blinds. But it’s better and a lot more affordable.

Here are the different reasons why we think you should order VB Zeep blinds over other brands.

Before proceeding, let’s take a look at the basic parts of an automatic awning system.

Parts of an Automatic Awning System


The pelmet is a horizontal framework installed above a window. We use it to hide curtain fixtures such as outdoor awning systems.

End cap

Retailers are more familar with the term end cap, but window fixture experts are also knowledgeable about the term. In window fixture terminology, it refers to the ends of the pelmet.

Bottom bar

This refers to the horizontal bars that fit to the bottom ends of the blinds.


This is the main part of the automatic awning system. It refers to the sides of the outdoor awning system.

Now that you know the different parts of an outdoor awning systems, it’s time to proceed to the main part of the article.

Reasons to choose VB Zeep blinds over other brands

It looks clean and sophisticated.

Other awning systems look sleek and sophisticated from afar, but once you come near, you see that reality is the opposite. First, you see a lot of exposed components, such as the pelmet, endcap and the zip. Zeep blinds have sealed pelmets and fitted endcaps. The zips are also concealed.

It’s safer.

There’s also a gap between the pelmet and the ceiling, which not only looks awkward but also risky. When we install Zeep blinds, we make sure that the gaps are concealed.

It works better.

A lot of outdoor awning systems have lightweight bottom bars and blinds that have a ripple effect. Lightweight bottom bars prevent blinds from staying put where you want them to stay put. You’ll have a harder time pulling blinds to the ground if you have a lightweight bottom bar. The Zeep blinds have a heavyweight bottom bar, making it easier for you to control where you want the blinds to be. It also lets you pull the blinds down near the ground easily.

Blinds that ripple ruin the supposed sleek look. They are made of low-quality material that ruins easily.

Our Zeep blinds also have an obstacle detection feature that other brands don’t have.

We have an installation team to help you out.

A lot of outdoor awning systems are available in big hardware stores. They have staff who can help you out, but they aren’t specialists like ours.

Our Zeep blinds team are experts not only in installing automatic awning systems, but all kinds of window treatments. The are not generalists, hence they are very precise in their craft. Best of all, they share with us the vision of providing the best customer services for you.

Order your VB Zeep blinds today!