Which Kind of Zip Blinds Should You Get?

With today’s weather conditions, sun protection is a major concern in Singapore. While we have many options, we also have to go through the process of choosing the right option for us. The two available systems which are the most common are called Ziptrack and Zipscreen. The best way to figure out which will suit best is to go through each of their strengths and weaknesses as both are well known for their long-lasting qualities, functionality and style.

Both provide some benefits and have flaws in their systems. Ziptrack generally has a better advantage, from operation of the system, price and functionality. However, when choosing a system, budget, style and prerequisites all need to be considered.


Ziptrack blinds were made to deal with the extreme weather conditions which are easy to operate as well.  Along the years after the product launch, the company has spent multiple years to improve and further refine their design to give us a very reliable and functional blind for general weather protection for our home.

The designer of the system improved the parts and the overall functionality, specifically the brackets and plastic components. This makes it a more reliable system that helps us in achieving a smoother operation of the blind.

These are also one of the more common outdoor blinds solutions. With their modern look and feel, they effortlessly glide up and down on a track guided design without any cords or zips.


Acmeda, one of Australia’s largest design and manufacturing companies in the Blinds industry joined together with a company called American Rollease back in 2015. They are the creators of zipscreen, which then led to Acmeda being called Rollease Acmeda instead. They are now a global supplier of automated blinds.

The design of the zipscreen uses a more traditional technology called Zlock, which is a direct competitor of the Ziptrack brand in Australia. There were a few issues with the design initially, but was solved overtime with feedback and general experimenting of the product. They now have a wide range of Zipscreen solutions available for general weather protection.

Holding of the Fabric

A key element to a reliable outdoor blinds system is how the fabric is being held in the runners. The overall functionality of the blind as a whole comes down to the way of how it holds the fabric, moving it up and down. Ziptrack blinds uses a cordura tape called Kedar, which is high frequency welded directly to the blind material. This method provides an good balance of flexibility and strength which can withstand a lot of force. This system is not only reliable, this method holds the material in place tightly and ultimately makes it look neater.

On the other hand, Zipscreen blinds uses a Zlock technology which is a small zip. There is not an actual zipper within the channels but a one sided 5mm zip instead. This system has a fairly smoother blind operation in lighter and fair conditions. However, in rougher weather conditions, it has a tendency to jam and get stuck easily.

Locking System

The Ziptrack system offers a wider range of locking systems such as the easy to use centre release lock. The benefits of this system is that it may be operated from the inside or the outside. This system also has rubber seals around the edges to help minimise the effects of the weather be it hot or cold.

Zipscreen systems however, uses a more traditional slide bolt locking system. While functional and easy to use, certain installations may restrict the placement of the blinds. This means it is only provides a one side operation where the user may only operate it from one side of the blind.


The way blinds look are always a matter of opinion. The headbox is where the blinds are stored, and both have similar styles as the blinds come from the top. The best to have is an enclose headbox where all the materials and components can be stored safely away from the debris of the weather.

Both these Outdoor Blinds are great sun and weather protection options. At the end of the day, when choosing a blind system whether it be a Ziptrack or Zipscreen, it all comes down to whether they can meet your needs and budget. Both the systems have fairly similar pricing, however the in depth specifications of the blind may alter the pricing slightly.