Style Trends for 2019

Curtains are generally an item that is not bought on a frequent basis. Sometimes it may be hard to pick something that can match the interior design and is durable so that it can last a while. Often the style and colours of the curtains are overlooked. Most housewives know that it is possible to change the feel and look of the room just by changing your curtains. Similar to other home textiles, curtains should provide comfort and pleasure by blocking out the sun or keeping the room’s ambience. By choosing the right curtain styles it will also provide the right aesthetics to the room design.


The main trend that is going on right now is people are focusing more on comfort. This means that simple and minimalistic design style curtains are what people should be looking for. It is good because you won’t need to spend a lot of time with finding a nice design. Currently ruffles and frills are no longer the in thing, so you may want to consider moving away from it. These are only appropriate to match a specific design for your bedroom or living room. The curtain design choices you make shouldn’t weigh down the look of the windows and they should provide sufficient illumination to the room.

curtains and blinds


Basically the colours that you choose for your curtains should match the furniture in room on the most part. As we are in the trend of minimal curtain styles, the colour palette should be leaning more towards neutral or white. This is also important when you are layering. Sheer cotton material tends to be a lighter colour most of the time. You may consider different light neutral shades of green and purple this year for loft designs. For historical interior arrangements, minimal curtains in shades of light beige and brown will be classical.


Materials of the curtains are equally as important when choosing the type of curtains. Having velvet or satin with a minimal floral pattern will show of a classic look. These are also very suitable to be layered together with a sheer white curtain that will provide more depth to your curtain’s arrangement. Cotton curtains are still acceptable as it is considered a light curtain and can be taken care of fairly easily. They are also easy to produce and therefore have many different styles that will suit your room.


Moving into the future, there are many different types of curtains. Blinds can also be considered an option, as they have their pros and cons. Blinds system are easy to operate and they come in various different materials as well. The colours of the blinds should be neutral which can match the room flawlessly. Having blinds give the room some depth and provides a clean overall look. Blinds can be used for the kitchen area, and the home office.

Curtains can last up to years if taken care of properly. Choosing a curtain is similar to picking out your furniture, and mostly it has to match each other and also your preference. But once you have chosen the right curtains, the style may last for a long time. There are many curtain experts who can provide you with the information and advise that you will need to make your next curtain purchase.