Shorten Your Curtains with These Instructions

Singapore curtains are a wonderful addition to your home. But sometimes when you buy ready-made curtains, you forgot to take the exact measurement, or you find the available sizes does not fit as well as you hoped. Thus, what you get may be a tad too long or too short for your window.

You could avoid this issue in the first place if you consult with a professional Singapore curtains and blinds company. But let’s discuss what you can do if you did end up with curtains that are too long.


Is It A Good Idea to Shorten Your Curtains?

Curtains too long? Follow these instructions to shorten them.Curtains that are too long affect the general look of your home. They puff out towards the end and look unkempt; exactly the opposite of what you are hoping to achieve.

Moreover, these overly long curtains are always brushing over the floor. Thus, they are at constant risk of being pulled by your pets, sucked up by the vacuum cleaner or stepped on by everyone. Even when left alone, they may be hooked by other objects you are carrying around.

These factors make it hard to keep your home tidy and it can be hard to get all the dirt and stains removed from these curtains.

If you want your curtains to last longer and look better, follow these easy steps to help you manage your curtains.


See If You Can Adjust The Rod

The thing about cutting your curtains is that the change is permanent. If you plan on replacing the curtains or moving place in the near future, raising the curtain rod might be a much better idea than shortening your curtains.

It’s a good thing that higher curtains rod are actually in fashion right now. They give the illusion of making rooms appear larger and higher than they actually are. So take a good look at your curtain rod and see if you can perhaps raise it so your curtains won’t be anchored to the floor anymore.


Five Steps to Cut Your Curtains Short

1. Measure the excess length
First, figure out how much excess length you need to remove. The sure way to know this is to hang your curtains on the rod so you can take measurements.

2. Pinpoint the exact height
Take a bunch of nails and pin the exact height you want your curtains to be.

3. Cut it up or roll it up
If the curtains are extremely long you may have to cut them off. But for a 30 cm shortening or less, you can simply fold the seam over or roll it up a few times.

4. Pin down the seam again
If you cut the curtain, then a small roll seam will suffice. But for bigger areas, you may want to take it up much higher before pinning it down.

5. Stitch ’em!
To stitch the seam in, you can use a stitching machine or plain needle and thread. The needle and thread method is often much better if you want to create an invisible line because you can make the stitches much smaller and stitch the roll seam to the back of the inner curtain. This way, no one will suspect that you shortened the curtains.

Note: A rolled seam is preferable because you can still extend the length of your curtain. This will come in handy when you move the curtains from one window to another.

Hopefully, the above steps and tips will be helpful when you need to cut your curtains by yourself. Your cat or dog might miss the curtains, but it sure beats having to clean them up over and over again.