Making Your Curtains & Blinds Safe for Children

It’s quite remarkable what young children are attracted to. Some of us may remember our fascination with doors when we were little. It wasn’t until someone got too close for comfort and had their fingers caught in the gap. Thus that day, lessons were learned — the hard way!

As our children get more active and learn to crawl or walk, exploring their surroundings becomes their primary way of learning. With your little one constantly on the move, childproofing your home becomes a top priority so they can explore their home environment safely.

Use child-safe curtains and blinds, keep your children safe

The case for childproofing your blinds and curtains in Singapore

When it comes to keeping the home safe for toddlers, most parents associate it with furniture safety — keeping kids away from electrical sockets and installing safety gates to minimise accidents. However, the dangers of window blinds cords and curtain cords are commonly overlooked, despite the number of mishaps and strangulation cases that have happened.

Through an alert in June 2016, Spring Singapore acknowledged the strangulation hazards of window blinds and curtain cords. This speaks volumes on the importance of childproofing your windows curtains and blinds to prevent more case.

Childproofing your home — where to start

When it comes to childproofing your home, the children’s playrooms, bedrooms, and main living space should be on top of your list. These are the areas where children spend most of their time unsupervised.

Check for any cords and chains hanging from your curtains or blinds; their presence attracts curious little hands to pull, and worse, put these cords around their necks like a necklace. The risk of strangulation is real, and an unsupervised child faces a huge threat.

How to childproof your blinds and curtains

No matter what blinds or curtains you have (from Roller Blinds through to Venetian Blinds), there are a few things you can do to lessen the risk of young children getting hold of them. For now, you can do the following:

  1. Tie up or shorten the window blind cords so children are unable to reach them
  2. Secure window blind cords and chains to the wall with cleats or tension devices
  3. Do not place a child’s cot, bed or highchair near a window
  4. Replace traditional blinds with motorised blinds

You can browse the market for motorised blinds (also known as electric blinds). These blinds and curtains are conveniently drawn with the touch of a remote control, meaning there are no curtain cords for inquisitive kids to reach out for and play with.

Creating a safe environment for our children

With the above window blinds and curtains safety tips in mind, do remember that there are other ways to childproof the rest of your home. Here are some additional ideas on minimising common household hazards:

  1. Fix all standing furniture to the wall to prevent them from tipping over
  2. Use corner guards on the edges of dining tables, shelf and other furniture
  3. Cover unused electrical sockets with outlet protectors or safety caps
  4. Fasten swinging doors with portable child safety locks
  5. Install safety gates around the home, especially at the start of stairs
  6. Place anti-slip mats on bathroom floors
  7. Keep standing fans and other sharp objects (e.g. cutlery) out of children’s reach
  8. Store medicines and chemical products in places where only adults can reach them

Where to get more advice on blinds and curtains in Singapore

Our children’s safety should be our utmost concern. Keep them safe with simple alternatives and options to reduce the likelihood of accidents. Speak to our specialists at The Curtain Expert today about child-safe blinds and curtains.