Feng Shui Tips for Window Treatments

Chinese New Year is fast approaching! With this, we’d like to share some feng shui tips for window treatments this coming Year of the Earth Pig.

Feng Shui Tips for Window Treatments

General feng shui guidelines for window treatments

Buy easy-to-use window treatments for positive energy.

Choose curtains and blinds that you can open and close easily so that you would navigate through life easily, and prevent you from having struggles. By opening your curtains or blinds during the daytime, you allow sunlight and positive energy to enter and surround your home, or your office. If you want something modern yet harmonious like Ziptrak Singapore has that for you, in the form our VB Zeep Blinds.

Also, choose curtains that have solid colors and that can completely close during the night. You can find curtains and blinds in light and solid colors. It’s important to keep your window treatments completely closed during the night to prevent bad luck from entering your home while sleeping. From a practical perspective, that keeps you and your family safe and secure from thieves.

Choose colors wisely.

Your room or rooms’ color schemes should be harmonious with the decor and their respective bagua areas.

Curvy draperies are preferred.

Style your draperies by creating curves that point upward. If you want to put up draperies with big and bold patterns, make sure that the patterns work harmoniously with the decor and bagua area.

Keep your window treatments clean.

Keep your window treatments clean to fill your rooms with fresh and pure chi. Not only is cleaning your curtains and blinds positive from a feng shui perspective, but also from a practical perspective. Dirty window treatments are unhygienic and bothersome to look at.

Feng Shui Trends for the Year of the Earth Pig 2019

Who is the Earth Pig?

The earth pig is a friendly, peaceful, and mild-mannered creature. It is one of the wisest and kindest animals, showing generosity and mercy. Their presence brings comfort, happiness, and tranquility.


Colors like warm golds, yellow shades, and dark browns, pale pink, and light gray and greens reflect the positive and peaceful nature of the Earth pig.

Materials and textures that reflect this year’s element, such as wood, plants, and soil are also recommended. Complement metallic and reddish interior decors and furniture pieces with earth-colored pieces to maintain the positive energy around your spaces.

Applying all these trends to your home’s design scheme this year will bring harmony not only among the different facets of your life but also in your interpersonal relationships.


Attract luck in your life by decorating your rooms with items in fours, sixes, or eights. Four (4), six (6), and (8) are this year’s lucky colors.

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