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Standard Curtains | The Curtain Expert Singapore
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Standard Curtains

What Are Standard Curtains

If a night curtain is too thick for you, and a day curtain too thin, choose standard curtains, which is somewhere in between. Not being as thin as day curtains and as thick and heavy-duty as night curtains, they are able to allow in outside light into your room and still provide the privacy that you might want. They are usually popular choices for living room areas where some light is allowed to come in.

Spoilt for Choices

We have a plethora of designs, colours, patterns and great quality materials for you to choose from. You will not be left disappointed. Standard curtains are the most common out there and thus you would also have more variety to choose from. You could choose a more sheer material, according to your design choices, with a lightweight material or you could choose to go for a little bit of a luxurious look with a heavier curtain and more protection against the light.

You could also choose to pair curtains and blinds together, for maximum design flexibility and increased light and privacy control.

Best Quality

Our standard curtains are of the best quality and are durable. If you are able to follow the proper washing and care routine for the curtains, they will be able to serve you for a long time and will be successful in living out their full lifespan.

Some Of Our Works

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