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Motorised Curtains | The Curtain Expert Singapore
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Motorised Curtains

Motorised Curtains

Did you notice in the movies sometimes the rich character will use a remote control to open up their curtain to a spectacular view of the city below? Well that can be you too. While we cannot control the view you get from your window, we are able to provide you with curtains you can control by lying on your bed or from anywhere in the room. They are also a great touch to making a home more luxurious.


Needless to say, you will be annoyed if you are woken up by the sunlight filtering in through your window if you had forgotten to draw the curtains before you went to sleep, especially if it is a rare day you are able to sleep in. It will be very convenient for you if you are able to block out the sunlight without even having to open your eyes or get up from the bed. Do it just with a touch on your remote control. You are able to position your curtains however the way you want them, without having to get up from where you are.

If the windows are high up and difficult to reach, motorised technology will be best for the curtains used on these windows.

Best System

Our motorised systems are smooth and quiet and you can once again expect only the best quality product from us. They are compatible with all our products, be it night curtains, day curtains, standard curtains or blackout curtains.

Improved Lifespan

Now that you no longer are required to pull on your curtains that often, thanks to this technology, as a result, the lifespan of your curtains will actually be improved, especially if your curtains are heavy and difficult to pull. With just an add-on of an electric curtain track, it can make all the difference to your curtain experience.

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