4 Curtain Tricks to Make a Room Appear Bigger

Small space can look a lot bigger than what it is if you know a few tricks that interior designers employ, and most of the time they involve using and selecting the right curtains.

Large, open living areas are highly desired by Singaporeans, but they may be luxury that is out of reach for many of us who live in apartments. Today, The Curtain Expert, a top curtain and blinds shop in Singapore will share with you a few design secrets to making your room appear more spacious.


Using Curtains to Make Any Room Bigger

1. Pick Light, Neutral Shades
There is a reason why pale greys, whites and creams are the most commonly seen colour for curtains at home and apartments. The lighter hues help to reflect light and will make a room look brighter. This, in turn, makes it more spacious.

Furthermore, make sure that your curtains have a similar shade as your walls and furniture. This lets them blend into the interior, creating a visual coherence that makes the space feel open.

2. Make Use of Sheer Drapes
You can install sheer drapes alone or as a layer, depending on the amount of natural light and privacy you are wanting to achieve. The former will maximize exposure while still retaining a bit of privacy while latter will give you a greater option as dictated by your mood and the weather.

The Curtain Expert has a wide variety of fabric and designs for ready-made or made-to measure-curtains. Whether you need curtains as a standalone or for layering, there is a colour, style and choice for everyone.

3. Dress Your Window
Windows play a vital part in making any room appears bigger, so pay extra attention to how you dress them by choosing the right hardware and fabric. Place your curtain rod closer to the ceiling than merely above the window — around 150 mm above the top of the window would be ideal.

Try to extend the rod wider than the actual window frame. This lets you unveil the curtains completely and let as much natural light in as possible.

Ensure your drapes are floor-length. This directs the eye upward along the entire curtain to create an illusion of height. And as mentioned before, choose a bright, natural shade for a more spacious feel.

4. Keep Things Simple
You want to avoid any furnishings that have a lot of details such as ruffles on your curtains. Simple, paneled drapes and blinds provide the privacy you need and aid with temperature control. They also won’t stand out by visually cluttering the room.

Moreover, keep your room clutter-free and create a flowing path for moving around. Move any objects from blocking the walkways and do away with little decorations that serve little use; they make a room look crowded so you will feel there is less available space inside.

Additional Furniture Considerations

Your choice of furniture for a small room is also crucial. Get furniture that has a low profile, simply because of the fact that it leaves more space above and around them.

  • One large couch instead of multiple small pieces actually decreases the look of clutter and makes a room feel bigger. Seating with raised legs are preferable for a smaller space.
  • Harsh top-down lighting pools all the light in one space. Instead, use a few smaller lamps to spread the light around and draw the eye around the room.
  • Rugs can be really helpful in terms of defining an area, allowing you to separate one room into smaller spaces. Visually, the large ones also expand the room.
  • Furniture with reflective surfaces help to trick the eye into perceiving that a room is bigger than it is, as well as helping to create more light, rather than obstruct it. This means glass tables, mirrors, and the likes.
  • Hidden storage and multi-purpose items are huge nowadays for obvious reason. The option of not “having” them unless you need them is simply unbeatable.

Where to Find the Right Curtains in Singapore

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