Zeep Blinds | The Curtain Expert Singapore
Zeep Blinds | The Curtain Expert Singapore
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Zeep Blinds

Outdoors Or Indoors At The Flip Of A Switch

Transform your ‘outdoors’ into ‘indoors’ at the flick of a button with The Curtain Expert’s Zeep Blinds. The most common usage of Zeep Blinds is as outdoor sunshade blinds. They are installed on balconies or other outdoor leisure areas of your home.

The Best Of Both Worlds

Enjoy and experience the openness of the outdoors while relaxing in the cozy comfort of the indoors. Is that a contradiction? No!

With The Curtain Expert’s Zeep Blinds, you can create a comfortable outdoor area in Singapore whether you want to stay cool on hot days, or simply create a barrier to protect you from sun and insects.

Effortless & Automated

Change the mood and environment with literal push-button effortlessness. With our VB motorised system, you expend no effort in pulling the blinds up or down, except for your finger pressing the button.

Our proprietary motors and fastening systems are top-notch, to ensure a smooth transition without hiccups, glitches or blinds that get stuck.

Some Of Our Works

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You can simply drop us a Call or WhatsApp at (+65) 8828 8138 or fill up the enquiry form on our website. Our team would be more than happy to take your enquiries.