All There is to Know About Korean Combi Blinds


There is no denying that Korean brands and products have been gaining massive popularity across the globe in recent times. From music to beauty products, Korean businesses have been tapping into the rising interest in its culture and making their mark in the global market. And of all the Korean-made products that have been making waves on a global scale, window coverings, more specifically, Korean blinds, are one of the hottest blinds available on the market right now. What are they, what makes them so popular, and should you install them in your home? We cover them all in this blog.

What Are Combi Blinds? 

Call them zebra blinds, combi blinds, rainbow blinds or Korean blinds — whichever term you prefer, one thing is for sure, the modern look, practicality, and affordability of these blinds are what make them so popular. First introduced to the market in the 90s in South Korea, the innovative and ingenious designs that the country is revered for are tangibly demonstrated in this window covering. Today, Korean blinds are one of the best-selling style choices when it comes to window blinds. Combining the styles of two shades, extreme privacy and natural diffusion of illumination are delivered seamlessly. Acting as a modern solution for light control, privacy and view-through, what more can one ask for?

What Are Korean Blinds Made Of?

Standard blinds only come with one layer and do indeed give you more control over the amount of light coming into your room, but nothing can top the versatility and practicality of Korean blinds. Incorporating two layers of fabrics — alternating panels of opaque and translucent fabrics that are rolled into an individual blind. It is this mix of layers, usually made of polyester and perforated materials, that has given it the name “Combi blinds”. This creative mix of materials is what works together to offer total privacy while still allowing for some natural light to shine through and maintain proper air circulation through the perforated panels.

But that’s not all! Operating on the same mechanism as roller blinds, they come with a pulley string system that allows you to control how much light enters your room. This means that the Combi blinds can act as up to three types of window coverings — day curtain, night curtain, and roller blind. 

Benefits of Choosing Korean Blinds

Aside from the unique combination of multiple window coverings into a single form, there are many other plus points associated with the Combi blinds. From its ease of control to its subtle elegance radiating from the sheer materials, the added characteristics of unrivalled flexibility and unique design only add to its appeal. Some of its other benefits include:

1. Innovative Control 

As mentioned, Combi blinds are designed with a pulley string system, also known as the “roller”. This means that by simply pulling on the strings, you can control its opacity and adjust the ascend and descend of the blinds. Since Combi blinds combine two layers of roller blinds with the creative alternating opaque and sheer stripes, you can adjust your Combi blinds to control the amount of natural light and heat entering your space. If you need total privacy, all you need to do is to adjust the Korean blinds in a way that ensures that all the perforated areas are totally obscured. 

2. Easy to Maintain

One of the most common questions raised is “how do you clean Korean Combi blinds?” Unlike other window treatments that require precious care to be maintained in tip-top condition, Korean blinds require minimal upkeep. While it is true that blinds, in general, double as filters between the outdoors and your living space, collecting dust as a result, whatever has accumulated over time can be easily cleaned. As a matter of fact, all you need is a cleaning cloth, feather duster, or lint roller to dust off everything so that your Korean blinds work optimally. You can also choose to soft vacuum it once in a while to keep things clean.

3. A Variety of Options

Neat, trendy, light and private — these are a few of the many terms associated with Korean Combi blinds. And one trait about these blinds that cannot be left out is their distinctive look. Due to the combination of both a light filtering, translucent portion and a blackout, opaque material, you can customise parts of your home or office according to your design and privacy needs. If you are looking to design a modern and trendy abode, then the timeless aesthetic of the Korean Combi blinds is one not to be missed. The sheer material of this type of blind also acts as an aesthetic and visual factor, adding elegance to your space.

Experience the Quality of Korean Blinds with The Curtain Expert

Korean Combi blinds are a popular and stylish way to cover windows in a range of settings. These window treatments provide light and privacy control, two key aspects to look into when choosing the right blinds and curtains for your home. Now that you know more about Korean window blinds visit The Curtain Expert in Singapore to get your Combi blinds installed or motorised today!