9 Tips for Choosing Curtains, Blinds or Shutters for Your Apartment

The demographic and socioeconomic changes Singapore is facing continues to affect how we live as more Singaporeans are able to afford living in not just HDB apartments but also condominiums and landed properties. This consequently also changes how we decorate and furnish our homes.

Being in the Singapore curtains industry for over 10 years, we know that the modern homeowner typically lists space and budget constraints, as well as efficiency and design as important factors when deciding on how to decorate their windows. Here are 9 considerations we believe one should look into when choosing the right curtains to suit your home and lifestyle.

  1. Space Constraints:
    Do you have enough space at either side of the window to stack fabric? Think also about whether you need the space below the window for storage or placement of other items before considering full-length curtains.
  2. Privacy Concerns:
    Today it is typical for your windows to overlook other people’s homes or facing public spaces. Hence homeowners tend to choose sunscreens or semi-sheer fabrics to use in the daytime and reinforcing them with curtains or blockout blinds for the night. Another functional way to create additional privacy is to use shutters and vertical or venetian blinds, with a simple adaptation of the louvres or blades.
  3. Design Considerations:
    Many homeowners think the more modern, minimalist design styles suitable for condominiums or apartments. They prefer the clean, crisp lines of roller or venetian blinds. However there are also many chic fabrics that still give a modern look to curtains or roman blinds.
  4. Heading Style:
    Deciding between different pleat styles is not just a fashion decision. It will also determine how much fabric you are using and how much space you need for stacking at each side of the curtains.
  5. Hygiene & Odour Considerations:
    Living in a small flat or apartment, smells from cooking in the kitchen can permeate the whole space. The heavy fabrics of curtains can attract and absorb these smells and moisture so it’s important to think about whether curtains or blinds are better.
  6. Eco or Energy Considerations:
    Whether it’s the motivation to keep energy bills low, or an intrinsic desire to be more eco-conscious, choosing the right curtains can affect the air flow and temperature regulation of the room, and indirectly help save on the air conditioning electric bills. Especially for the hot tropical climate of Singapore, when it is warm when sunny, cold during the monsoon rains season, the right combination of curtains, blinds and shade can provide some temperature regulation to the room.
  7. Rental Market:
    Demographic changes as well as new tourism trends (e.g. AirBnB, Couchsurfing, Homestays) affect how landlords choose to decorate their homes. They want simple, affordable or cost effective ways to decorate their homes and windows for their guests or tenants.
  8. Real Estate Market:
    Considering the general real estate trends in Singapore, homeowners want to maintain the resale value of their homes and the right choice of quality window decorations will both make their homes look good and also contribute to the value of the real estate they’re looking to rent out or sell.
  9. Style Factors:
    ‘Bold’ or ‘busy’ patterns of curtains and blinds tend to make an already small room feel smaller. Layered fabrics tend to give the same shrinking effect. It’s best to go with clean, minimalist styles and lines so as to achieve a ‘roomier’, ‘airier’ feel.

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