4 Handy Tips For Creating A Cosy Home

Tips To Create A Warm And Cosy Home

We all want a home that gives off warm and comforting vibes, an inviting place, one that pulls your guests to linger longer. There is no doubt that having a cosy home creates an enjoyable and relaxing environment. Contrary to popular belief, it does not take much to make your space comfortable and inviting, despite the warm tropical climate in Singapore. Read on as we share five ways to help you create the cosy home you’ll love!

1. Choose Warm Colours

Cool colours like green and blue trigger feelings of calm and melancholy, whereas grey evokes a sense of dullness. On the other hand, warm colours trigger a greater variety of emotions, such as comfort and warmth. When used correctly, these colours complement each other and create a secure as well as inviting living space.

Having an appropriate combination of both warm and cool colours can also make your home’s overall mood and vibe feel welcoming. For instance, you can use warm colours as your base on most of your walls and incorporate cool colours through decorative ornaments, accent furniture pieces, or feature walls.

You can also consider colours such as cream, brown, pale yellow, or pink. These pastel and cream colours create an overall soft and calm atmosphere. Furthermore, you can complement the paintwork with warm lighting to create the perfect combination of a calm and soothing environment. Having table lamps and floor lamps helps to further tone down the room’s energy for a relaxing feel. However, it is important to ensure that the light is bright enough to prevent the room from becoming gloomier.

2. Plan The Layout

Create a cosy environment for entertaining your guests by planning a layout that encourages interaction. Before decorating the space, ensuring the arrangement feels comfortable is always good. For example, a sectional or three-seater sofa is ideal for positioning groups of people so that they can interact with each other. But, large sofas may be a tough fit for small living rooms, especially if you live in a Housing Development Board (HDB) flat. In this case, you can try to enhance the atmosphere with mood lighting.

During the day, you can try to make the most out of Singapore’s bright sunlight. If you have curtains at home, try to leave them open during the day and let in as much sunlight as possible. Take advantage of the warmth it lends to your living room.

3. Adding Curtains

Having curtains lined across the walls of your home in Singapore helps transform the atmosphere of a room whilst keeping the grandeur and warmth at the same time. In general, lighter-coloured curtains such as day curtains allow natural light to come in while protecting your home from the heat outside. In addition, day curtains have decorative features and are usually used to brighten up the living space.

Dark curtains, otherwise known as night curtains, creates a more intimate and restful space.

In most cases, day curtains are often paired with night ones to offer full privacy when drawn. Our curtain experts often recommend our clients in Singapore opt for two layers to enjoy versatility.

Some homeowners in Singapore may also choose soundproof curtains to block out the noise from outside, creating a calm and peaceful environment at home.

4. Introducing Natural Elements

There is something about raw, natural materials that can instantly add depth to a space. Whether it is adding potted plants or choosing a leather sofa over a fabric one, these materials add a subtle richness to the room.

An alternative would be to add real wood to create a luxurious and cosy atmosphere to your home. An easier option would be to add roller blinds or Venetian blinds to your home – not only does it create a unique texture, but it also blocks the heat out, keeping your room cool and comfortable. At Curtain Expert, we offer a selection of materials that you can choose from for your Venetian blinds, reach out to us today to find out more!

Transform Your Home Into A Cosy Sanctuary With The Curtain Expert

Making your home look cosy and inviting is not as tough as you think. So, if you are thinking of adding curtains or blinds to your home, then visit The Curtain Expert today. Simply let us know what you need or want, and our curtain experts will be sure to help you achieve your dream home in Singapore! Connect with us today.