3 Window Treatment Tips To Lower Your Energy Bills At Home

3 Window Treatment Tips To Lower Your Energy Bills At Home

Whether it’s curtains hung to frame a pleasant view of the sea or aesthetic wooden Venetian blinds to complement your interior design, many homeowners in Singapore often have window treatments for beauty instead of function. But, did you know that, with the right materials and proper placement, these window treatments may play a part in helping you lower your monthly utility bill?

Windows are an essential part of homes as they can help you connect with the outdoors while facilitating the flow of fresh air and light into your space. However, windows can also allow air to escape, causing excessive energy consumption from your air conditioners, ultimately driving your utility bill up.

With Singapore being hot and humid all year round, we recommend that you don’t just turn up the air conditioning all day. Instead, explore these three window treatment ideas that you can adopt for cost savings in the long run.


When it comes to window treatments, curtains are usually an excellent option for your home. For instance, having curtains made of thick and dense fabric can effectively absorb heat from harsh sunlight. Curtains come in various styles and colours – you can opt for neutral-coloured ones with white plastic at the back as they can help you absorb sunlight. However, installing a single-layer curtain may limit your possibilities.

At The Curtain Expert, we usually recommend our clients install double layers of full-length curtains, one day and one night, as close to the window as possible to trap air. Our experts will also mount the curtain beyond the width of your window to ensure that hot air does not seep through the sides. We offer some of the highest quality day curtains in Singapore; common choices of materials include organza or lace. These materials are designed to let natural light stream in whilst diffusing the glare and intensity of direct sunlight, protecting your home from the heat outside. Thus, you do not need to turn on the lights or air conditioners during the day, allowing you to save more on your electricity bills!

Acoustic curtains, on the other hand, provide total darkness and privacy for your home when you need it. Night curtains can also insulate your home as they block out direct sunlight, keeping your home cool throughout the day. Furthermore, night curtains are usually made of thicker fabric and thus are relatively effective in reducing noise pollution from the outside.


Aside from curtains, Blinds can also help to lower your electricity bills in Singapore. Did you know that using blinds as a window treatment reduces heat gain by 45% when you lower or close them on sunny days? Having them installed on the interior or exterior windows reduces solar heat gain while giving you optimal privacy and ventilation.

Blinds are best installed on south- and west-facing windows. Having outdoor roller blinds on your balcony is also more effective compared to the inside, as they can effectively block the heat before it transmits through your window and warms your room.


Window shades are one of the simplest and most effective window treatment options to save energy. However, proper instalment is key – mounting shades as close to the windowpane as possible and right up the wall adjacent to it creates a tight seal to minimise heat gain and loss. Having shades with dual layers of fabric, a light colour on one side and a darker colour on the other, adds more functionality. You can reverse the shades based on the season – light colours can reflect heat in the hotter months of the year, while the darker shades can absorb heat during the monsoon season.

Enjoy More Cost-Savings With The Curtain Expert

Air conditioning may feel blissful on warmer days, but running it nonstop will contribute to the rise of your utility bills. Instead, the clever use of blinds, curtains, and other window treatments can help keep your house cool in Singapore’s hot and humid weather, and your bills in check.

The Curtain Expert’s curtains and blinds are more than just window treatments. With smart curtains and affordable motorised blinds, we provide homeowners in Singapore with the perfect automated solution. You can now enjoy outstanding benefits such as optimal energy efficiency, convenience, and comfort with just a push of a button!