3 Types of Commercial Windows Treatment

The ambiance of your business premise is very important, more so especially if you’re in the food and beverage industry. A good and carefully selected windows treatment allow customers to feel comfortable and at home. When you have better customer experience, you get better brand recognition and gain an extra competitive edge against your competitors.

There is basically a lot of windows treatment available but for commercial purpose, we are going to focus on just five types of windows treatment.

1. Hard Window Treatment

For commercial outlets going for the vintage style, the business can consider adopting a hard window treatment. These are attached with hinges, allowing for the window to open and close at ease. The materials are usually made from wood or plastic but most customers prefer the wood for the extra touch and originality.

The hard window treatment also comes with the option to include a shutter, allowing the option to adjust and control the amount of sunlight entering the place. An optional shutter also allows a certain form of privacy, giving your customers a sense of belonging yet private, ideal for cafes or bars where intimacy is the theme.

2. Blinds

What’s better than an economical, cheap and long-lasting window treatment? Blinds. Typically made from wood or plastic (and sometimes metal, but rare), these are becoming a popular choice for modern business premises that wants to look and feel modern, but yet economical and doesn’t hurt the pocket. On top of that, they require little to no maintenance and will continue to perform according to specification for years to come.

They are available in many forms of colors and can be customized to your window size. Blinds allow the flexibility for the owners to adjust and control the amount of light entering the business premise. Some even go the extra length to get the transparent blind that blocks UV rays (especially if the business is paying for an expensive place with a view) so it does not block the signature view that the place has.

The typical maintenance of blinds are cleaning and servicing the motorized components (for those that opted for motorized blind). The ideal choice of blinds in Singapore are Ziptrak or Zeep blinds.

3. Shoji Panels

Running a Japanese themed food and beverage outlet? Then you’re in luck as Shoji panels are becoming popular choice of window treatment. Shoji panels are often used in Japanese decoration setting. Aside from window treatment, they can also be used as coverings or space dividers, allowing for some sort of comfort and privacy in a compact space. They are usually made from wood and paper and are connected together by hinges or glue.

They are starting to become popular as it promotes a sense of Japanese culture in the eatery, enhancing the user experience when dining in the business premise. Additionally, since they are made from wood, little to no maintenance is required.


Choosing a suitable window treatment for your business premise is very important. The right setting and ambiance will go a long way in promoting your business and it is a worthwhile investment. If you are unsure and need further advice, you can always contact blind experts in Singapore to advise as many will have knowledge and experience to help you in making the right choice.