3 Balcony Ideas In Singapore To Convert Into Useable Space

Convert Your Balcony In Singapore With These Ideas

Every homeowner in Singapore knows the struggle of choosing between a balcony and having the luxury of an extended living room when planning for renovations. For the ones who love browsing Pinterest and online for small balcony ideas to maximise the fresh air and view, the choice seems simple. However, with homes in Singapore getting smaller, it can become difficult to make that space your haven.

Fret not, as we’re here to help! Here are three ideas that can help you revamp your balcony in Singapore to a comfortable and usable space.

What To Not Do With Your Balcony

Before diving into the ideas, it is important that you know the laws in Singapore that you have to comply with when revamping your balcony. According to the Urban Development Authority, a balcony is 15% of the nett internal size per unit and has a minimum width of 1.5 metres.

You are also not allowed to enclose your balcony with glass panels or walls. As such, many homeowners often opt for outdoor blinds for their balcony since this is counted as furnishing. Balcony screens are only allowed if they can be drawn open or retracted fully. When choosing a balcony screen, you need to ensure that it allows for natural ventilation within your balcony at all times, even when the screen is fully drawn.

Now we know the rules to play by, let’s get started!

1. Convert Your Balcony To An Outdoor Study Area

For many homeowners in Singapore living in smaller flats, they may have insufficient space to fit a study area in addition to their beds and wardrobe. As remote working becomes more common, repurposing your balcony into a study area allows you to maximise this well-ventilated space for productivity.
However, in Singapore’s humid and sunny weather, this outdoor study arrangement is best suited for indoor balconies that are shadier. As such, when implementing your study area, you should consider the direction of sunlight throughout the day and whether or not it casts a shadow over your work as well as screen glare. We recommend installing outdoocurtainr blinds for your balcony to block and diffuse harsh rays for a more conducive and comfortable workspace.

2. A Garden For Your Green Fingers

Many households in Singapore already have a spot outside their homes for their plants, but those with really green fingers can take it up a notch by turning their balcony into a garden. One of the main downsides to this is the balcony area can accumulate a lot of dirt and soil, hence, it is important to ensure that the area is easy to clean.

As a result of Singapore’s tropical climate, the level of sun exposure can sometimes be very intense. Hence, if you are growing plants that are sensitive to sunlight, you can consider getting Venetian blinds. Not only do these types of blinds block out the heat and rain from your balcony, but they can also control the amount of sunlight streaming through.

3. A Reading Nook To Curl Up In With A Good Book

For many bookworms, it is easy to envision a cosy, well-lit spot as a reading nook. For instance, in place of a study table, you can have a plush armchair or a beanbag to binge-read your favourite book. But, if the unrelenting sunlight and heat are a deterrent, then you can consider adding some blinds or even greenery to cool the area down.

Transform Your Balcony Into A Space You Love

There is so much more potential in your balcony than just a space to dry your laundry. With these simple ideas for your small balcony, you can extend and transform it into one that is full of possibility and comfort. Visit The Curtain Expert in Singapore and let us know how we can help you convert your balcony into a functional and aesthetic space.