Outdoor Blinds Singapore

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Many houses in Singapore, nowadays, are built with open balconies, yards, and patios. Commercial spaces and offices also have these. While it provides additional space and charm to the area, too much sunlight coming in as well as rain splashing inside can become an issue.

For open spaces, curtains are not a viable option. The best choice for such spaces are outdoor blinds.

Withstanding the Elements

Materials often used for outdoor blinds are PVC, polyester, and perforated fabric which are not only water resistant and waterproof but also allow wind to penetrate and filter through.

These blinds are almost the same as indoor roller blinds only that they are tougher and more durable in order to withstand the natural elements. These have thicker roller and overall casing systems and come with cable side guides.

Promising to Protect You and Your Home

If protecting your space and yourself are of utmost concern, then, let us take care of you. We have top-quality outdoor blinds that will provide you with comfort and convenience with a touch of style. Contact us and we will work to give you what you need.

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